UiPath is failing to identify Elements when i am using a shared screen in 2018.4.0



Hi all,

I created workflow and it is working fine. When i am trying to show a demo to one of colleague through Screen share using skype. When i am sharing my screen and trying the run the workflow it is failed to identify the Element.

Thanks in Advance :grinning:


Seems to be how the screen is being shared, and causing an overlay which UiPath cannot see past it.

I’ve used a few different meeting/sharing applications Cisco Jabber, WebEx, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and a few others. I’ve had troubles with Cisco Jabber, but the other three seem okay.

I haven’t specifically tried Skype (Consumer version), but haven’t had any troubles with Skype for Business sharing a desktop screen.


Hi @twhitehead ,

Thanks for the response. Even I have not seen any issue with Skype for Business.But when i used normal Skype i have seen the issue.