UIPath and Jinitiator

Hi all,

here i go, i’m trying to automatize a process with UIPath community edition previously to purchase the studio version. But i have to solve an issue that i have.

this issue is related with screenscrapping java plugin to record a oracle forms window.

in first place i have to log in on a web site ( This step was achieved )
After this step, i have to click on a link to launch a java window ( oracle forms ) which must be opened by java ( this version is jinitiator ).

Then, the window is opened.
So i try to record the prompted window, but UIPath shows a prompt to install java support files.

Then if i install the plugin, when i try to generate the oracle forms, it doesn’t work, nothing happens ( the window is not generated ).

so i kindly request if anybody wants to teach me how i have to do it to install correctly the java support files. The version of Jinitiator must be which is installed , i tried to change it, but the oracle app was made for this concrete version, and doesn’t work. I try to contact with programmers, but change the app code is not an option.

i’m guess that is a particular case, but,

please, could anybody help me with this?. Thanks in advance , best regards.

I diagnosed a similar issue some time ago on the same Jinitiator
UiPath Java extension was not properly loaded because XML related jars were not available for JInitiator.

Please download and unzip the archive below:

and copy jaccess-1_3.jar and javax.xml-1.3.4.jar in C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\JInitiator\lib\ext (or where your JInitiator is actually installed on your machine).
Delete jaccess-1_2.jar (if present) from ext folder.

Restart Java app and UiStudio and let us know if it works.



Thanks a million Adrian!! it seems it works, i’ll to make some tests to confirm is working perfectly, but currently it looks very good.

i will hold you updated, and thanks again!!, regards.

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Hi again,

confirmed, patch working 100%.


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Hi adrian,

I download your file and put it into the path,but it seems that I can just select the whole window.My Jinitiator version is version is 2017.1.6435. I’m not sure this is the problem of thie Jinitiator version or other settings.

I check the app with process explorer and it shows this:

I put the 2 files in this path:

Many thanks!