UiPath with Java - Oracle - Opera

Hi All, does anyone use UiPath with Java - Oracle - Opera application before. I tried in 2 machines, it crashed my Opera, i need to reinstall it in the end. I saw Opera using the JInitiator

Any way to make it works or can only conclude it is not compatible?

your feedback are much appreciated

Edited: using UiPath 2016* version and installed the Java plugged in

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Uipath is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Java application. If you’re using a Java Application through Opera browser, it might not work because it’s incompatible.


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Sorry for misleading. The ‘Opera’ here is referring to Oracle application for hotel booking (Java-J-initiator based), not for the browser.

So the whole application is a web based login and will launch Java J-initiator to open up the application. Have not issue on the web based on, but UiPath failed to integrated with J-initiator pop up (in fact UiPath crashed the entire application, for that we need to reinstall it).

Anyone got experience on this?

You could try checking here

Dont hesitate to bump that thread, as its definitely relevant to it.


Thanks and much appreciated, it works after manually copied those Jar files.

Hi @saibuntoe, I’m starting to make a RPA for Oracle Opera as well, and I’m still choosing a technology. What can you say about using UiPath? Could you explain to me how you managed to pass through the login step (web) and made it continue to work after the lauch of the Java J-Initiator (application)?

Hi @dizanlorenzi, login step (web) part should not be any problem as you can just use the web recorder.

Java J-Initiator part, you need to use desktop recorder (need to follow the step above for the fix first)

I am currently facing intermittent issue while generating the report in Opera, whereas the Report Form hang, i am still checking what will be the cause of this.

In overall, I will see UiPath works best in Windows/Web automation, however I dont see any major issue in using UiPath on Opera (Java based) as well. The good thing about this tool is that while waiting for the Opera J-Initiator fix in this forum, I managed to make some automation in Opera using Image automation as well.

Anyway I dont have experience using BP and AA, so nothing much I can compare against.

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