The community version requires getting upgraded to ‘Enterprise Trial’ prior to adding additional services:

We must upgrade by requesting ‘Enterprise trial’ from ** license tab** :

  1. Open https://cloud.uipath.com/ Cloud community Orchestrator

  2. Click on ‘ Manage ’ from Orchestrator services

  3. Click on ‘ Pencil ’ to edit the service for the tenant

  4. Select ‘ Other Services ’ and check ‘AI Fabric’

  5. Select 1 available ‘ AI robot ’ and save it

  6. Click on ‘ AI Fabric ’ from the left menu and we are ready to create a new project

Refer to : Quick Start Guide: New built-in groups and "add user" changes for UiPath Automation Cloud this week

Anyone has tried it so far?

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Thank you @mustak.rased
Tried it and itz working :slight_smile: