How to request AI Fabric


I’ve been trying to test out AI fabric, but im not having any luck getting anywhere when i click on try free from the website. I get forwarded to the platform but im stuck from there.

All our licenses are cloud based
Any help would be appreciated

  • Rasmus
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Hi Rasmus;

Easiest way to test it is to sign for Cloud Enterprise trial here: UiPath.
May I ask what company you’re working for? Do you already have enterprise account?


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Hi Jeremy

could you help me to check what was wrong with my AI Fabric even I already enable it.

Hi @RasmusPoss
Welcome to uipath community ,

Currently ai-fabrics providing for only for following methods

  1. If you currently having community edition you can request to upgraded it to Enterprise trial
  2. You have to have a enterprise license

I do have a enterprise license, but as i have come to understand then it is a seperate license we need to get acess to AI Fabric right?

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yes ,
It is licensed as a separate service

Hey @irahmat
Did you allocate the AI Robots to your tenant? Please follow this: 2022

Let me know if you are still having issue.