UiPath Agent Desktop


I have an issue when i try to make orchestrator settings in UiPath Agent Desktop App.
I learned in the course that i need to create a machine in orchestrator, to create an environment etc…after that i have to acces the Agent Desktop and paste the machine key, and all orchestrator URL. I did that so many times now… but still recieve an error that tell me " An error occurred while sending the request.The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required. ". I mention that i am using a computer from work, don’t know if there is anything related with that, I don’t have like, administrator rights , now I am working remote but I also I tried to connect my robot and make orchestrator settings in UiPath Agent Desktop/Robot when I worked in side the company.

Thank you,

Hi @adelina.donisa,
Please show us some screenshot of your configuration for robot in Orchestrator as well as your settings from Agent Desktop (now UiPath Assistant).

Hello, i attached some screenshots with the error.

So first things first:
Your Orchestrator URL is to long. You need to provide the address including your platform id and tenant id.

Second thing… Your machine need to have same name in orchestrator and in Assistant’s settings. Go to to CMD on your computer and write “whoami” it will show you the machine name before the "":
This should be the name used for machine name in both places.

Please check out the official documentation:


Thank you for your answer. I did all the documentation said. I received the same error “The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.”. I guess it’s a problem with my permissions(proxy), because i use the computer from work and i’m connected to their network.

Yes, it can be the reason.