Advanced Certification - How does it work?

Hello! I’m thinking of doing the UiPath Advanced Cerfication. A friend of work told me that he did the certification some years ago and it was necessary to submit code using REFramework.
Since the certification changed and in their documentation doesnt tell anything about submiting code, I would like to know if the certification is “only” the questionary.

Thank you

Hi @joanamfp
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Yes, the exam is now questionnaire-only.
The exam where you had to submit code no longer exists.

Wishing you all the best for the exam!

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hi @joanamfp

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If you talk about academy course :

Regarding the certification :

Yes, We need to submit the Task in REF like Calculate_Client_Security_Hash, Generate_Yearly_Report_2022_Dispatcher and Generate_Yearly_Report_2022_Performer

If you talk about Examination :

Yes, Its only the questionary


On the certification page, you can also take the practice exam which will give you a good idea of the exam pattern and what kind of questions to expect:

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