Uipath advance training doubt

Hii everyone,
Please refer the image
I m working on this flow

refer the circle statement above
what are the steps to do the above workflow
Let me know the steps as i m getting an error(Filname property in “local panel” in debug mode is getting a null value)

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Hi @supu123

Steps to follow as follows

  1. Use Open Application activity
  2. In the activity, click on Indicate on screen option, and select the login window of the UIDemo application to ad focus to it
  3. For the FileName property of the activity, we need to provide the path for the application. Here, we can add another Asset in the orchestrator to hold the file path.
    Now, once you create the Asset, provide the Asset in the Config excel file under the Assets sheet.
    Coming back to the Open application activity Filepath property, here we should provide the asset name we get from the Config file.
    So the syntax is something like

That’s all you have to do here…

If this works for you, please mark the answer as the solution so it could help others as well :slight_smile:
Let know if you have any further issues as well.

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(uipath studio)

(config file)



Output in debug mode

Please help me out with this error
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Hi @supu123

The screenshots you provided on the Config, & Orchestrator asset refers to the UIDemo desktop application file path. However, the error you are getting is for the Open Application activity for IExplore.exe ACME web site. That file path does not work for the web application.

and also, You have to use Open Browser activity instead of open application to open a web application. in the Open Browser activity, you have to provide the URL for the ACME web site.

Changing this will help you to resolve the issue.

Let know how it goes

Hii @Lahiru.Fernando
That means url should be give in assert frst and then in config file specify the assert name.
am I right
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Same error with open browser as well.

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That is correct :slight_smile:

Check out the below too…

Check this screenshot.

In the INITAllApplications, i have an invoke workflow to do the login

Attaching the System1_Login.xaml which i have which is invoked through this…
Check if this works for you…

System1_Login.xaml (22.4 KB)