Level-3 Advanced Training Walkthrough 1.1

Hai All,
I am trying to work on walkthrough 1.1, but stuck in between. Can anyone please suggest the complete workflow of it? It would defiantly help me find out where I am going wrong. Thanks in advance.

Vinutha S


Could you please tell me where you got stuck. Please share error screenshot etc. So that, we will help you.

We can’ t share solution.

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Well, in InitAllApplications.xaml file there is an activity called open application, error says “the system cannot find the file specified”. I have given the correct file path.

Hi @vinutha15,

How you are selecting file path, go to file, shift+right click, you will get an option to copy as path, click that and provide in open application

Path should not be hard coded, I have created asset for it.

Indicate the Log In Window in UiDemo. In the FileName property, there is the local path of the application, but we should avoid such hard-coded values in our workflows. Moreover, if we plan on using multiple robots, we might consider that different robots have different paths for the same application. o Luckily, we can use an Orchestrator Text Asset to store Per Robot values. We shouldn’t hard-code Asset names either, as they might change from an environment to another, so let’s use the Config file again and write the Asset name in the Assets sheet. It should look like this:

• The Config dictionary is already used as input argument in the InitAllApplications.xaml workflow, so let’s change the filename path to in_Config(“UiDemoPath”).ToString. Next, we need to invoke the UiDemo_Login workflow, import the arguments, and pass the Credential from the Config dictionary, as follows: in_Config(“UiDemoCredential”).ToString.

Can you paste your file path

Fillename Path: " in_Config(UiDemoPath).ToString"

asset name is UiDemoPath.

What is the value of in_config(Uidemopath).tostring in the config file

I have not assigned with any value for it.

Then how open application will know which file to open, if no file path is assigned

Sir, I have assigned file path.
in my file name path :- " in_Config(UiDemoPath).ToString"
UiDemopath is my asset name, which I have declared in my config file.


Show me what value you assigned to Asset Name ‘UiDemopath’

HI @vinutha15

Check the attached INITAllApplications xaml file which I have created some time back… this may be quite similar to what you have already… The screenshot shows how you should set the path for the asset.


InitAllApplications.xaml (7.6 KB)

Does this work for you?

It is still the same error for me. I don’t know what is wrong.

Hi @vinutha15

Can you share a screenshot of your config file assets sheet, and also a screenshot of the same asset in orchestrator. The same screenshot that i provided from my orchestrator, i need to see yours

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

I am very sorry that I was stuck and couldn’t get back to u on time.
here is my screenshots of config file assets sheet and orchestrator.


can you show a screenshot of how you get the value from the Config variable as well?

Hai @Lahiru.Fernando,
Thank you I had saved two config files, that’s the reason for the errors. Now it is working fine.

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