UIDemo - Open Application - Wont launch with modified filename input

Hi - There is a similar post on the board here but it looks as though it was never solved.
Im running through the advanced training and am stuck on the InitAllApplications,xaml section.
If i have my input as in_Config(“UiDemoPath”).ToString, I get this:

When I hardcode the the filepath to where UiPath.exe resides on my laptop, works all day long.
I’ve triple checked my Config.xlsx file. Made sure the orchestrator asset exists.
I’m stuck. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

It is as simple as it says, in_config(“UIDemoPath”) values is null in uipath, check with the config value once again, make sure you are not passing null values.

Hi @Scott_Erickson,

Make sure the Config.xlsx contains “UiDemoPath” in the assets tab if you’re using Orchestrator assets. Also print the in_Config(“UiDemoPath”).ToString before passing to the Open Application to verify the returned value is not null.


Thank you PD2 and Divashreem!
Checked the assets tab in my config.xslx file. Orchestrator is good.
Its for sure the variable. I dont get what the variable is supposed to be called.
Im stepping through, made a message box to verify the variable in_Config its correct going from InvokeAllSettings.xaml to InitAllApplications.xaml.
As soon as the workflow InitAllApplications.xaml kicks off. I get this:
How do I pass the variable I guess is the question?
Thanks in advance.

@PD2 @Divyashreem - Thank you for your input on this!
I have answered my own question. This was hanging me up:

I had to pass the variable to the argument. Since they were named the same it was messing me up.
Lesson learned. Thanks for pointing me in a direction.

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You got it! :slight_smile: Best practice would be to use the directions as prefix in the Argument names only and not the variables. Naming the variables and Arguments the same will definitely lead a longer troubleshooting time.

Happy Automating!