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Hii all, is there any way to identify what are all the activities used in our workflow project in uipath?

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Check link below


You can see all activities in the left panel of the screen, called activity

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Hi @Abarna_A

I don’t think so but you could rely on the ouline panel.

I check quickly with a regex on the xaml file and had some result (without assign):


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your question can be understood into two directions:
which activities are available:

which activities are used within the implementation:
right click down right siden on the outline tab:

Hii sir, i know where i have select a activities. But a thing is i need to identify the activities because i need to store a what are all the activities i used in my project in separate text file? Is there way to store a activities name in separate file?
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Hy @Abarna_A,

I don’t think you can do that, why do you want to do that?

If you want to re use pieces of automation in another part of projects or even in another projects, you can right click and extract the workflow for reuse. Is that what you want?


Hii all,
Is there way to identify what are the activities used in my implementation. i need to store a activities name into separate text file? Is any way?

By parsing the xaml file and assuming all activities are in ui namespace. Please check

Assign (String)
pathToXaml = “path/to/xaml/file”

Assign (String)
pattern = “(?<=<ui:)\w+”

ReadTextFile (pathToXaml)
myText = …

Assign (MatchCollection)
matches = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(myText, pattern)

Assign (Array of String)
arrMatches = matches.OfType(Of Match).Select(Function(m) m.Value.ToString).ToArray.Distinct

String.Join(", ", arrMatches)


  • in some cases we parsed the xaml with XQuery
  • But also have look on the Export to Excel functionality under the the design tab
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you actually have use case for the Excel ouput?

it was usefully for one of the team members when the person did step in to the project and had to understand what the bot is doing. With a lot of reusable xamls / and a multi layered architecture the excel helped to mark the analysis progress and dont get lost

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@ppr and you forgot to mention code plagged with oneliners :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.