Need to know what are the activity used in Xaml


I’m planing to Migrate one process from Uipath Studio version 8.1.5870.32892
to Uipath Studio Version 2019.10.5. Before migration in Need to know what are the activities are used in the Each Xaml. we have more than 100+ Xaml in that Process.

Is there any easiest way to find the activity details to extract. I need to cross verify with new version is everything is fine to migration.

In latest Version we having Export to Excell option. But version 8.1.5870.32892 is older version, we don’t have that option in studio.

Kindly assist me.


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Hi @Rajesh_Kumar2

Open Project.Json File in Notepad as below :-


You will see all the activities used in your project

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for the Solution. I tired with my Project.Json, But the “dependencies”:{} is showing as Empty.

I tired in my latest version Project.Json, its showing all dependencies activities.


sounds more that you are not only interested on the used dependecies (project.json) and also want to have a list of used activities.

One of options is to parse XAML / XML or Xqueries to retrieve such information. Also have a look on the connect / Marketplace if you can find some components or snippets.

Just drive your search in a direction like:

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