All Available UiPath Activities


As heard from Tutorials in UiPath Academy, it seems that there is more than 400 Activities, are they available in well defined list ( in xlsx or pdf file) ? Thx


You can find all those activities here.

Hello Iakshman,

I know this link, but my query is clear : want to have the list in excel or pdf file. Thanks

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Hi Buddy @hsendel

we can get to know all the activities in uipath studio with this link only

These links gives us the complete overview on all the activities which are there in current version of uipath studio
And i would like to suggest that uipath provides these many single header threads under which we can search for any activities we want and they can only give the best description about their activities though there are other third party websites that provides pdf of all activities in uipath which is not that much informative as this…and moreover there is no such streamlined single pdf that holds all the activities together…
Hope this would help you
Cheers @hsendel

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One could build a robot to scrape them and convert them to an Excel file… :smiley:

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haha @evangemert