Uipath activation error after upgrading studio

I upgraded studio from 2018.4.6 to 2018.4.7 and my license hasnt expired yet. When i open the studio after upgrading it asks me for a license code. I provided the old one but it gives errors (whether i try online or offline activation)
Online activation error


Manual/Offline activation error

Hi, did you use UiPathStudio.msi to perform the update?

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i used uipathplatforminstaller.exe to update. By the way this machine is without orchestrator

maybe is because you used a different installer than the previous one and now uipath have a different way to licence products… please contact support for this, as it will be easier to resolve the issue.

Hello @Jack_Chan,

Please raise a ticket to UiPath, by filling out this form.


Hi @Jack_Chan did you solve this issue? Do you also have Orchestrator?