UiPath Action Center help needed


I am getting this error. The two activities that I have used are -

  1. Create DOcument Classification
  2. Wait for Document Classification

Hope this would help you
Have a view on it and let us know for further details

Cheers @Ritaman_Baral

tried this…not working

my settings is updated but still getting this error

i have used wait and resume inside invoked workflow…if I use it inside process xaml as a seperate sequence will it work ?

Hi @Ritaman_Baral ,

The Wait for Resume activities should be present in the Main.xaml or whichever workflow is marked as Main.

You could check the guidelines/Best Practices on using the Activities/Orchestration process :

i am using bydefault Reframework …where shall I keep it ? The main Data Extraction Part is inside process.xaml

@Ritaman_Baral ,

We would have to Design the Process in such manner that the Data Extraction part or the Action Part (Wait For Resume) is being present in the Main workflow.

You could let us know what is the Process Design/ Explain the process in Brief so that we will be able to understand and help accordingly.

Also, an attempt could be to move the Data Extraction / Action Center part as a Separate Process and then the Trigger to the Subsequent Process happens within it.

REFramework isn’t a good choice for a DU automation. When you’re creating and waiting for actions, your process should linear not transactional. There is a DU template available, go to Home, templates, select Official, and try the Document Understanding Process template.

  1. I am using reFramework for the process.
  2. The bot will fetch each item from the queue.
  3. In process transaction it will extract data from pdf and will impkement action center to wait and resume. here I am facing challenge. I am already short fo time. Any fix within ReFramework?

@Ritaman_Baral ,

In that case, We would require to Implement the Wait For Resume and the continuation parts in the End Process.

In the Process part, we could Create the Actions and add the Actions to a List, which you will use in the End Process part.

And I believe you have not mentioned any external applications, Would it also mean that everything happens in the Background ?