UiPath Action Center - Customize UI based on selection made on the form

Long Running Process:

  • I am trying to build a long running process using UiPath Action Centre, where I have designed a flow to create form task to UiPath Action Centre.

Picture 1

  • Form task contains few input texts fields, output text fields and data grid. The data grid contains drop down box where few selections are to be made. Below is a sample of data grid that I designed as explained above.

Picture 2

  • Challenge that I am facing here is that based on the selection made in the drop down placed in data grid we need to control the enabling and disabling of text fields. For instance, is selection Option A is made from the drop down. Based on key conditions few of the output text fields are to be displayed and other unnecessary fields are to be hidden or disabled. The key lies in controlling the form design based on selection made on the drop down.

Please provide solution that fits our requirement. For more details revert back.

Hi @Raguvarthan

I believe this should be achievable using Conditional features of the Form Designer:


Hi @Raguvarthan : Actions forms will support JavaScript expressions in its latest update on Automation cloud with which advanced conditional logic could be written (eg. based on data input on a field, other form fields to be enabled or disabled). We will release a forum post with example workflow today

I am able to get the normal text field values using javasript code “data.Fieldname” in condition to enable/disable certain components. But when I am using datagrid, I am not able to get the values. Can you please tell me how to get that ?



Did you get a solution for this ?

Hi @athira.somasekharan
You can fetch a data/edit grid row values by using the keyword ‘row’, like:


where FieldName is a component’s field key inside the edit grid.
Please note: row keyword is accessible inside the grid only.

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Thanks for your reply. This solves one part of my issue. I also want to check if one column in the datagrid contains a particular value and according to that do some actions outside of datagrid. How can I do that ??

Thanks in advance.

You could use something like the below to access each row of data in an edit grid. You can also iterate through the edit grid data array, just like a regular array in JS. This is an example of a JS trigger. Let me know if you are looking for a more specific use-case.

result= (data.editGrid[0].field === 'some value')
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Thank you :slight_smile: This solves my issue.

Doesn’t this solution always refer to the first row in the grid only at index 0? Won’t this always refer to the first row in the grid? What if its row 20, would it still refer to this field of row 0?

If we need to trigger off of another component in the same grid row how would we do this with JS? I’m struggling with this. I’m using ‘Create Form Task’. Persistence Activities version 1.3.1.