Missing documentation about Form Designer

Hi there,

A similar topic is open for the ‘condional add button’ : Forms - how to limit "add another Button" to be appeared only if count of rows <5

The issue is that UiPath Form designer propose a lot of option, but very few explanation how to use them. We can even wonder in what language each option should be written…
Documentation: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/advanced-controls-form-designer
has not much.


  1. could @uipath try to improve this documentation?
  2. has someone an answer about the way to use conditional add button?

That would be great! have a lovely day :slight_smile:

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Hey @yrobert

Could you please explain your scenario in detail ?


Hi @Nithinkrishna

Sure, it’s a robot that search data in a system for a specific purpose.
Sometimes, some data is missing. So the robot creates a task so that a human adds this data.

The issue is, that the data is structured differently depending on 1 choice.

So I have a drop-down with choice A and B.
After A or B is selected, an ‘Edit Grid’ appears. (through simple Javascript logic)

If A is selected, only 1 row must be given.
If B is selected, at least 2 rows must be given.

So the idea was to have the ‘Edit Grid’ with 5-6 fields inside and appearing by default with 1 empty line to fill.
If A is selected → the ‘Add button’ is hidden
If B is selected → the ‘Add button’ appears

But I haven’t found how to make the ‘conditional add button’ work