UiPath 2022 switch between browser windows

Hi there,

I am working an automation which requires 2 web applications to be opened in a separate windows.
Everything works fine, but I can’t figure out how to make the robot to switch between the two browser windows, so it brakes when it get to “Use Browser/Application” action.
I have already tried to set “Open” option for “Use Browser/Application” activity to either “IfNotOpen” and “Always”, but this just makes the robot to create a new browser window for the target app.

Would you be able to advise is there a modern activity which can do that?

Please note that Alt+tab is not a viable option for this. Thanks

you have to alternate using different application/browser activity for each application

Application Browser = Excel

Perform Excel Actions

Application Browser = Chrome

Scrape information

Application Browser = Excel

Paste Information

Sorry, but I am limited of using just modern activates so “Use Application/Browser” is the only activity I can use… However, I found that Win + 2 may do the job as this way I can switch only between chrome windows.

Thank you anyway :slight_smile:


As far as I understand the issue is that “Use Application/Browser” detects that the window I am trying to interact with is open, but it does not activate it, so my workflow crashes when I run “Check App State” action. The solution I found was to use Keyboard Shortcut to open a new browser tab in the specific browser window and then to close it. It is not very elegant way of doing this, but it works. However, I would be interested to hear more ideas/workarounds for this problem.

Thanks you all