UiPath 2018.2 & 2018.3 beta co-exists

When I install UiPAth 2018.3 Beta version. both the Older version 2018.2 and 2018.3 beta version co-exists in the same local machine.
Faced few issues with this co-existence

  1. UiRobot Of lower version is running & not able to trigger the Newer version.
  2. I can see two sets of UI Studio and UI Robot in Start menu.
  3. I had to uninstall Older version and restart eh UiRobot services in order to execute the latest.

Let me know the co-existence of the two versions is expected?

Screeshot of installed programs attached below (from Control pannel)

Hi Vikas,

The beta version is available as .exe installer. Did you install the 2018.2 version with the .msi installer? This would bring conflicts even if the .exe was a stable version. You have to remove one of them.


Hi @ovi,

Thanks for quick reply.

2018.2 is community stable version installed with .msi file. Removed 2018.2. and the latest is working good.


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Phew! You’re now ready to roll :sunny:

Please keep in mind that this is beta and it might have some bugs (we are hoping not critical). Let me know if you encounter any other issues.