I have installed uipath community 2023.6.1 and it is not getting launched properly

after launching UiPath i am getting as “The installed versions of Studio and Robot do not match. Please restart your machine and try again”

and while checking UiPath assistant in orchestrator settings it is showing as “Communication with the Robot Service fails. Please try to restart the service.”

Can someone assist on this.

See the solution given by @Yoichi in the below thread

Hi @mmanojgandham ,
Can you please export a DiagnosticTool zip file and attach it on this post? We will have a look over it.

not able to attach any file as i am a new user

Hi @mmanojgandham ,

Could you maybe try uninstalling all Studio+Robot components already installed and then install the Studio again. This way it would be a clean installation of the newer version.

Already tried re installing multiple times but no luck.

Logs.zip (4.4 KB)
Hi @erghe log file attached

can someone assist on the same

From your logs it seems that ‘C:\Users\admin pc\AppData\Roaming\NuGet\NuGet.Config’ is not a valid XML file.
Try to uninstall UiPath Studio, remove this file and the reinstall.