UiPath 18.3bata with Authentication Proxy

I learned addjusting machine.config file when using UiPath on the local network separated by authentication proxy.
With this knowledge, 2018.2.3 version worked well, but 2018.3.bata does not so.

I think some functions, maybe relates nuget, doesn’t referring machine.config settings well.

For me, it takes a few days to verify and report this problem in detail, but please check if possible those functions.

Are you connected to Orchestrator 18.2?

No, running standalone.

Maybe something ignores HTTP 407 status, looks from Wireshark log.

Hi Honoka,
Have you done all the steps from this page?
Especially the one where you set the proxy in UiPath.Service.Host.exe.config and the nuget,config file ?
How does the problem manifest itself ? Are you unable to connect to Orchestrator or do you have problems when running a flow?
What does event viewer logs say when you try ?


Also, when upgrading to a newer version the proxy configuration from UiPath.Service.Host.exe.config resets (the files gets overwritten) and needs to be remade.
Please check the file again and let us know the results.

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Yes, now I’ve understood what had happened.

  1. UiPath Studio Community(18.2.3) downloaded 18.3 bata nupkg.
  2. UiPath Studio Installed 18.3 bata.
  3. I restarted UiPath studio, and 18.3 beta had ran first.
  4. UiPath Studio failed to get core nupkg, because UiPath.Service.Host.exe config nor nuget config didn’t have proxy setting.
  5. Then, startup blank project had broken(because couldn’t build 18.3 core environment), and UiPath Studio got dysfunction.

I uninstalled UiPath Studio, And edited config between 2) and 3), then it works well. But I feel it’s a little difficult for typical user. I think UiPath studio needs command to rebuild nuget manually.

Actually, using authentication proxy, we need to get nuget.exe CLI, and set this command:

nuget.exe config -set http_proxy=http://proxy.foo.net:8080
nuget.exe config -set http_proxy.user=proxyuser
nuget.exe config -set http_proxy.password=proxypassword

Then nuget.config has created C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Nuget , and copy setting to NuGet.Config in UiPath directory.


That’s a very detailed explanation @Honoka, thank you!

@mircea please check this:

@Honoka Can you please detail what you mean by a command to rebuild the nuget manually? Which nuget and why? Do you mean to rebuild the Local packages which are delivered with Studio?


nuget manually

It’s just my guess, when UiPath Studio 18.3 runs first time, it downloads core activities only once.
And when it failed at the time, I couldn’t find way to fix it without re-install.

At UiPath 18.2.3, I only needed to adjust system.net/defaultProxy element of “machine.config” with use “useDefaultCredentials” attribute, and UiPath used system default proxy settings.
UiPath 18.3 beta looks it doesn’t refer “machine.config”, only UiPath settings has effective.
I guess this difference makes troubles when updating.

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