UiElement is no longer valid for click activity

Hi RPA Developers! I am encountering this issue which pops out this error message. Is there any way to solve this? :grin:


Do you have little bit more or context ? such as the activity use before this error, what kind of application …

it will help us to try to figure it out.

Hello @Mika,

We opened a word document, then we tried the click activity on the Ribbon tool on Word Document. This leads to the error message.

did you check if your selector is correct ?

How do you do so? I managed to arrive to ‘edit selector’.

If we are trying to access the elements in word application then we can either use CLICK IMAGE ACTIVITY or
SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with short keys to access the options in word application as there will be many such shortcuts to access each options in word
Kindly try with them and let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @S.Varnakam

Hi @S.Varnakam

While indicating the element are you getting aaname property in UiExplorer

Ashwin S

Click here on the related activity and select “edit selector” :

Open your Word and click on “Validate”

If you selector is not “validate” repair it by using the buttom “repair”

hi s.varnakam i got the same problem on a find children activities ( on a brower edge ) who get Uielement … but sometimes it works sometimes not/
when it don’t works he get the first elements with attirbutes and the others no .
Normlaly he sould have to get all elements but no .
solution try cath and loose when it doestn works …
this bug comme with the new version of uipath.UIautomation.activities i never get this problem before