UIDemo App for InitAllApp

Hi ,I’m stuck with InitAllApplications in ReFramework for Level-3 .
I’m trying to print the value of UIDemoPath which I’ve declared at Config.xlsx as well as created in Orchestrator.It is throwing below error:-

“message”: “Message Box: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”,

I’ve gone through the forum board but didn’t understand quite well.Can you pls explain me why the in_Config(“UiDemoPath”).ToString is taking Null and what i need to do to assign proper value(Anything I need to change in InitAllSettings?Thanks in advance.


Are you adding the settings sheet config values to dictionary first


Could you check if you accidentally removed the config from the invoke for the InitAllSettings? I just recreated this (only the config part) and it works as expected - one thing maybe you can’t let it run from the InitAllApplications directly yu always have to start from the main because otherwise the config is not initialized.

Also if you want the fetch a value from an asset using the config workbook you need to use the sheet Assets!

Yes, I forgot to Put UiDemoPath in Asset section.
Also, one interesting observation was I had to change the permission of Config.xlsx.
Open->Review->Protect and Share workbook->Sharing with Track changes.
This was the main reason why the dictionary was not able to read values fromConfig.xlsx


I am also struggling here.

One question…

Where do we put the actual file path for the UiDemo app? Does this go in the text asset in Orchestrator and then we reference the text asset in the assets tab in the config file?

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong here…


Yes, you need to put UiDemoPath in Asset section of Orchestrator first and then reference in Asset sheet of config.xlsx.