UiDemo Process Transaction

Dear Team, Can someone please help here…
In the Flowchart carrying sequence of CashIn…etc…we have an attach window that captures all the True values coming from the decision box…
In the attach window, i have added snapshots of Argument and Variable pane and its flow chart…not sure what incorrect entry I have done to get an error…can some one please guide here

CashIn is something you have declared as QueueItem. Cannot type that as a string using typeinto.
Im sure these variables are supposed to be string types only :slight_smile:
Check the pdf again.


Thank you, so changed it to String and also the argument from Queue Item to String and it worked however got stuck in the Assign tab…below is the snapshot…

Can you share the details of what you are assigning to dbl_CashIn? If you are testing the sequence on it’s own, you might have to set a default value for the variable or argument.

Thank you for looking into this, have attached the Process.xaml…not sure where Iam going wrongProcess.xaml (20.3 KB)

I can’t see the dbl_CashIn assignment in the process shared. Has it been deleted?

Your process is incomplete whatever xaml you have sent.
Can you send the complete one?

Process.xaml (22.0 KB)

What is the error you are facing now?

Runtime error

It seems to be an issue with the Open application activity.
Can you show what you have passed in the path?

UiDemo_Login.xaml (10.3 KB)
InitAllApplications.xaml (7.3 KB)

What is the value of the below in Config file?


Sorry, my mistake i missed adding it to the Config file, please let me know the value I need to pass

The full path to the UiDemo.exe file

I have already passed this value under the name UiDemopath in the Config file, attached is my config fileConfig.xlsx (18.6 KB)…
Getting below error post adding details to Confg file as instrcuted

can you show the invoke arguments of the invoke Process flowchart?

Hope this is the one you are looking at

You are invoking the flowchart workflow from another process. right?
Show that invoke and its arguments.

…apart for this, I will have to check the Dispatcher