UIAutomation Problem

Hi guys, so I´m trying to build an UIAutomation to retrieve hotels information (e.g hotel name, rating, distance to city center, price), I extract those informations with data scraping and before I save that information to an Excel file, I need to filter that same information by the criteria that I specify in my Config and then saved it in a new Excel file.
Hope I was clear enough, thank you!

Use filter datatable activity. You can specify the desired Column Name or Index on Column Field for filtering.

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Yes I alredy have that activity in my workflow, but what I need is to change the datatype of the values in my columns so when I´m filtering I can filter from the value read in the config by using it as a criteria value, and those criteria will be used from the excel file, if more informetion is need please ask me, thank you

yes I´ve already got to that part but when I put my variable that stores my config value it doesn´t insert the filtered values in an excel file.
Any ideias how to solve it?

What column are you trying to filter and what config value? maybe it’s just a datatype conflict.

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I need to filter all 3 of them. for e.g I have my price column that contains the price for each hotel, then I have in my Config a variable that stores the value to be used to filter, and from this same value in the Config I want to filter the price column and do tha same process for the remaining 2 columns. I believe that is a datatype confilct, but I have no ideia how to solve it

Thank you for your time

I think the config file values return datataype of object. You can convert the config values to Double datatype since it is mostly numbers with decimals. And

//Add this on the right side of the filter datatable activity
CDBL(Config(“Distance_City_Center”)) //You need to cleanse your data first since it has the km unit.