Data Table Filter and Config File

How can I filter this excel file with Config file filters ? I converted the file to DataTable , filter wizard doesn’t recognize values as Integers or Doubles. How could I do this ?

Excel Table

Example: in Config file Hotel Price filter is set to all items above 300 and City Center Distance < 2 .
So mainly my questions are:
How can filter this and How can I connect the filter passed in Config file

Thank you in advance

Hi @andre.f.morais,

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You have some issue with excel file. The data which it has, uipath is unable to read it.

One way wat you can do here is, you can select 1st complete column pass a hotkey as alt+A+E. It opens up pop-up click on finish. similarly, do it for all columns.

Once the data is cleaned, you can use filter wizard to filter based on the hotel price and city distance.

It works…

Let me know, if you need more support on this…

This is my initial Excel file

Rows have text , so I have used data manipulation so I could have only numbers inside the new data table, so I could convert them to double and filter the values easily. This was my initial idea.

After using data maniulation I get this data table :

All fields are numbers, so now I could use CINT or CDbl to convert them from object to integer or double. But I can’t .

I tought that this way, I could apply the filters because managing integers for filters would be easier.

But I’m stuck here now.

can you send me this excel file, i will work on it and send you the workflow