Ui Path Studio error Cannot Acquire a license

When I downloaded the new setup of studio i got this error and i dont know how to open it.

@Omar1 Please follow the steps to create and connect the robot in Orchestrator, then activate the robot

  • Create a Robot in Orchestrator.
  • Create a Machine .Post creation copy the Machine key
  • Connecting Robots to Orchestrator. (Machine Key copied in above step will be required to connect robot to orchetrator
  • Once the above steps are completed. You can acquire the license through orchestrator.

Refer this link for more help

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I Connected it but it says unlicensed, what can i do ?

@Omar1 Your machine is probably not configured.Please configure it first.

Refer the below :

Unable to connect Robot, Status is displayed as Unlicensed

I did configure it and also doesnt work

I now have the same issue, after realizing that I had unknowingly installed an enterprise version. after I installed the community version, I got the same error.

I tried to follow the step: however at step3, connecting the machine to the robot, i got the same error

How do you resolve that