UI Path Run time error

Hi, I am facing run time error for executing my script for SAP application. I have enabled SAP gui scripting in the SAP application still facing the issue, can anyone offer any solution for this?

@dibyendu.choudhury88 as you can see it is a selector issue,
Have you enabled client side scripting ? refer doc: Configuration Steps

Make the selector dynamic and verify too


HI @dibyendu.choudhury88,

Please read following thread SAP GUI click text not working - #8 by LevKushnir

Exactly the same topic was discussed their.

@Hisuhong, could you support @dibyendu.choudhury88 and solve his issue.

Thanks, Lev

@dibyendu.choudhury88 If the Click Text activity does not work, you could try Click Image, which is what I used. You could drag and drop the activity, or use the recording option to click the image. I found that recording was easier because when you select the area you want to click, it gets the selector. For some reason when I just dragged the activity into my workflow it did not capture the right “Connections” and chose the one above it (reference the link LevKushnir posted) :smiley:

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