UI Path Rest API - Authenticate Method

HI All,

I wanted to explorer UI Path API as per reference:
Read me

I have a community edition and I am trying to authenticate my orchestrator account but I keep getting an error stating Username or password is incorrect. The inserted credentials are correct and I am passing the Tenant Name as the Service name provided by the UI Path.


Please, can you let me know if the API works for community edition?

Hi @TaherB

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Please see my post here that explains all the details of the Cloud Platform API:


Hi @loginerror,
Thank you for your reply.
I did had a look to this document and currently I am not able to get the Authenticate method working from the API

I am passing the correct credentials used while login in via Browser and thus have concern about the tenant name which is needed to be inserted in the API method.
Also to verify if authentication works with community edition?


This is because this endpoint is no longer relevant for the new Cloud Platform API, it only still works for the on-premise installed Enterprise Orchestrators.

I would suggest you to go in detail over the post above, it contains a link to a guide on how to generate your authentication as well as link to the project that will do all the steps for you :slight_smile:

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