API call for cloud orchestrator accounts

Hello Everyone;

I am trying to make an API call to trigger a robot from the orchestrator, but despite working for my old account, my new account gives me “Invalid credentials, failed to login.”.

I tried researching and found this link :

but the link provided there :

About OData and References

is not working, and i can’t do the API call.

can anyone help? I use the tenant name from the “services” tab in cloud orchestrator, and the e mail and password i made.

Thanks in advance.

Make sure you are following all the steps in this link @Ahmed_AbdelRahman

Thanks for the reply.

I think this will help when i can access the account, but i can’t access it using api calls.

i use POST https://platform.uipath.com/api/account/authenticate


The authentication using the API is included with more steps now :slight_smile: @Ahmed_AbdelRahman

we need to get the logical name by running a javascript code in the browser. Then running a simple URL in browser, we will get the authorization code . Then we need to use these all in the authentication step

I hope you are missing something . Please check again

ok thanks for the help, please bear with me :slight_smile:
what is the Javascript code?
when i use

i get this message:

{“timestamp”:“31-07-2019 10:21:19”,“errorMessage”:“Full authentication is required to access this resource”,“debugMessage”:null,“errorCode”:9024,“subErrors”:null}

Also, the documentation link isn’t working. if you can provide a working link, that would be great

Hi @Ahmed_AbdelRahman

The documentation will be back soon enough. We are doing some improvements :slight_smile:

In the meantime, please check out my post here:

It contains a project that you can simply run to get all the tokens :slight_smile:

Yes, the documentation link is not working now. If it is available then it will be easy for you.

You will have the javascript link available there :slight_smile: @Ahmed_AbdelRahman

Please wait

Ok guys. thanks for the help. i was starting to doubt myself :smiley:

I hope it get fixed soon. I will be waiting, and in the meantime i will try using project provided by maciej

Do we have any timelines for this?

It should be up :slight_smile:

Check out docs.uipath.com :wink: