UI Path Orchestrator using Redis Cache on Azure - Configuration Assistance Needed

We have an on-premise Orchestrator node that we want to build out a high-availability, multi-node configuration. We are well aware that UI Path has the HAA module available but we are opting not to use it at this moment. Instead, we have deployed a Redis Cache solution on Azure and have attempted to connect our Orchestrator to that Redis Cache.

Connection is working just fine. We are able to send and connect to the cache. However, it doesn’t work fully and, in the event logs on the Orchestrator server machine, we see the following.

‘Multi-key operations must involve a single slot; keys can use ‘hash tags’ to help this, i.e. ‘{/users/12345}/account’ and ‘{/users/12345}/contacts’ will always be in the same slot’

Obviously, since Redis Cache on Azure is not a “supported” solution from UI Path, there’s very little documentation out there on how to configure a third-party Redis solution for use with UI Path Orchestrator.

Does anyone have any steps, documentation, etc., to assist in this configuration?