Recommendation on UiPath Orchestrator High Availability and DR - Redis and HA Addon

Hi Team,
We are going to implement UiPath Orchesetrator clustered setup. Looking for your expert recommendation on Redis or HA Addon. My preference will be HA Addon but please suggest the pros and cons.

Which one is better, cost effective, robust and faster to implement from Infra and Configuration side.

I am already looked at the High Availability setup guide published for Redis and HA Addon.

Assuming you are using v2019, see this web page:

and this comment at the top of the Multi-Node installation section:


The documentation seems to be pretty explicit here, at least to me, it’s not an either-or question. The key word in the above paragraph is “must”.

Thanks!!I had seen this documentation but could not decided whether to go for HA Addon which has enterprise version of REDIS with additional cost or to go with open source Redis without any support.

I saw something a little while back that explicitly said no more roll-your-own-Redis. But don’t recall if that was in the docs or in this forum. You have to use the HAA package for production. Granted it is not cheap but the installation does work and I had no issues getting Orchestrator talking to that HAA Rediis.

UPDATE:. Think I found that reference. It is on the software requirements page. It is very explicit on what is supported in Production for HA.

Thanks @soneill437. This is really useful. Had a word with UiPath guys as well.Fingers crossed will go with HA Addon.

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This page on the docs Deployment in the Cloud
does state that multi-node Orchestrator deployments can be configured using any solution relying on RESP (REdis Serialization Protocol) for communication including Azure Redis Cache as suggested here.

By “not supported” they mean you will not receive enterprise support from UiPath for your infrastructure installation if you’ve used something other than their official HAA flavour. It will still work 100% as long as you go to Microsoft or forums for support.