Official Orchestrator support for PaaS Redis options

I am trying to find out if PaaS versions of Redis are officially supported by UiPath. I have had a look at, but it does not talk about Redis PaaS options. I specifically wanted to find out if

  • Azure Cache for Redis
  • Amazon ElastiCache for Redis’

are officially supported? I did search the forums but did not find an exact match of this question, and thought I’d post here and seek guidance.

Hi @Sayan_Ghosh

After some internal queries I can confirm that we support both setups :slight_smile:

Please reach out to our technical support in case you need more assistance.

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Thanks @loginerror, Appreciate that!

Hi @loginerror, just for clarification. I understand this options are valid to get a platform fully deployed with all the High Availability features working.

However the official documentation states that there’s no official support in case you do not use HAA for this type of deployment. I see two different things here:

  • The Orchestrator supports the deployment with several options regarding the product that provides de high availibility feature.
  • The support from UiPath is only provided if we use HAA for high availibility deployments.

Can you confirm if I’m right or not?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards.

We internally validate our product with multiple Redis implementations, but UiPath provides direct technical support only if HAA is used. For the other Redis implementations, technical support needs to come from the vendor of the implementation.

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