UI Path Licensing

One of my customer wants to get data from 10 to 15 websites and data scraping for PDF

Can i use community version? Is it Free? Do i need to use enterprise version or how can i get license price?

You can see community version.
But if you want to make it deploy and unattended robot, then you must buy the license.

Please refer licensing -

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See this comparison page:

As you will see at the bottom of the page:

So it really depends on how big your customer’s company is. Also, I believe for smaller companies (that do not meet the above mentioned criteria) it is up to 5 concurrent Community Edition used at any given point :slight_smile:

For demo,testing you can use it but for using this in production environment i won’t take a risk .

It is fine to use it for production, as long as the company is small enough :slight_smile:

  • not more than 250 machines or users
  • not more than 5 million US dollars in annual revenues
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But you get only 2 attended robotos, so to get better visibility in environment you need license. :stuck_out_tongue:

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