Community Edition - Licence for Companies

I would like to know if a company (name X) which has a contract with another company (name Y) can use UiPath to perform the services according to the contract.

  • Company X meets the conditions for Community Edition (fewer than 250 people and less than $5M revenue)
  • Company Y can’t use Community Edition (more than 250 people/$5M revenue).

X is an accounting company which has to insert in the accounting software all the invoices of company Y.
UiPath Robots will be used by company X and employees of company X to maximize the productivity of the company X.


Hello @MdFive

You can use UiPath to do the invoice processing. You will have to decide how many robots you need depending on the volume of invoices you get and the SLA levels that you want to meet.

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I want to know if i can use Community Edition to process documents of another company, which can’t use this licence.
I work in a company which has to process documents for another company, so i want to do my work faster.
So…it is ok for my company to use Community Edition (meets conditions) even if the documents or the final work is for another company which does not meet the conditions for community edition ?
Companies have signed a contract for that services.

Have a nice day!

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