Asking if the users need licenses to run an RPA from Ui Path assistant

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this is the first project that I uploaded on Orchestrator … Want to know if the users will need license to run my RPA from their machines through Ui Path assistant ? -Number of users is around 40

Hi @sesa499170

Yes, users will typically need a license to run an RPA process through UiPath Assistant. You need to purchase the licence according to your use case. Like unattended or attended licence.

For more info-

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Yes they need attended licence to execute bot from assistant

can they use a Community License for free instead , it will be so expensive

if you are learning than its fine but if you want it to use in organization to automate any processes
its not allowed

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They can use. But as you explain there are 40 users. Community license ideal for learning, experimenting, or small projects. Enterprise License is tailored for large-scale deployments, providing advanced features, scalability, and dedicated support essential for complex processes.

It is basically choice of the organization & users of the tool

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Its explict in the terms of service that Community is not for commercial use, only personal.
Its extremely likely that given the number of users this is a commerical use case.

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check this for better understanding