How to indicate the robot to scroll down a web page and click a link

Hi guys, I am using ‘Click Text’ activity as my robot will read from my excel and click the data accordingly. But now there’s a scenario where the list is too long that require to scroll down the page and then the robot only able to locate the text and click it. Is there any way to scroll down the page by itself? Sometimes it may not need to scroll down but sometimes if there is too much data then it required to scroll down the page. Please help!

Hello @sam.lee

Usually, if all the data is loaded on the web page on the initial page load then we dont really need to scroll down the page for the robot to find the element. It has the ability to locate elements below the screen without scrolling…

However, if there is lot of data and those get loaded onto the screen only when we scroll down, like in facebook for example, then we need a way to scroll.for this you can have a infinite loop… a while loop for example…

In the loop, check whether the particular element is available on screen. If not, scroll down using page down hot key. And when the element is found, break the loop.

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando, because first I will use Data Scrapping to scrape the information out in a DataTable first, then I use Click Text Activity to click on the text in the web page. So sometimes it may have more data that require scrolling down the page. If the Text able to see in the UI, then the robot will click on it, but when you can’t see the Text in the UI, then robot wouldn’t able to click the Text.

You could try Simulate Click on the click, you don’t need to see the element on the screen. Anoter option would be to Send Hotkey with a page down

In Click Text Activity there’s no Stimulate Click checkbox, and if Send Hotkey with pg down then the robot couldn’t find the first Text to click on

Simulate click should be available in click activity properties. Which version are you using here?

There’s ‘Click’ and ‘Click Text’ activities. It’s only available in ‘Click’ activity