Ui Object Repository Validation Error

Getting an odd error I was hoping to learn more about. We created Object Repository for a website. We then published it as a UI Library. When we tried to publish the project, we get the error from workflow analyzer saying:

Error ERROR UI Object Duplication Error The Element X is a duplicate of Element X defined in Project UI Descriptors

We can make it go away when we remove the UI Library, but I wanted to know why. We built the Object Repo in our project as we went along, so is it embedded in the project as a result? This seems to have an impact on Source Control as well, which is maybe a different subject. Any documentation links or helpful advice would be great. Thanks!

I’m sorry unable to get this point. Kindly explain

can’t share details but this is the error example. The state is this: we have UI Library derived from the Object Repository and also the Object Repository itself in the same project. Why is it erroring out? link to documentation: About Object Repository

Hello @khordination

Can you refer to the below post. Alos can you try creating a new project and create a repository for any few elements and try to package it. This is to cross check whether the issue is happening for all the projects.

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Thank you Rahul, this post helped me find the relevant documentation to answer my question: Reusing Objects and UI Libraries

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You may not keep both in one, Either keep UiLibrary installed as dependency in your project or the Repo directly itself.

Hope this helps.


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