Have a doubt on object repository

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Have a question on object repository but pretty confused how they figured this

for the above question i went through the summary of this and found some statements,please define which part my understanding gone wrong.


Hi @Rad_K

The correct next step after adding all the desired elements in the Object Repository from a process type project is:

Click Publish

Publishing the Object Repository makes the defined elements available for use in other projects or processes. It ensures that the elements are stored centrally and can be accessed by other automation projects. Saving as a template and extracting as Ul Library Project are not typically done immediately after adding elements to the Object Repository; they are separate actions performed based on specific requirements or project needs.

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hi @Parvathy ,

but in summary you can see after adding elements we need to extract that as UI library project ,so we can use in other projects.

This is wrong. If you click publish from a PROCESS type project you are publishing a process, not a library.

Correct, that’s why the answer is “Click Extract as UI Library Project and Publish the Library”

Are you saying it’s telling you that the answer is “Click Publish”? If so, then you should edit this post and make it an “Academy Feedback” not “Help” post so that UiPath will see it.