Couldn't Scrap data using Data Scraping in UI path studio

Couldn’t Scrap data in chrome using Data Extraction and when I tried scaping data in IE explorer the bot runs the project successfully but no data is fetched in output Data variable.

Please refer to the attached screenshot

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Hello @Ambika_Singh1

Please run it in debug slow mode and check whether its working or not. Sometimes if the page takes more time to load and if the workflow tries extraction in btw, there wont be any data and it will pass the execution. Make sure you have given proper delay before the Data scrapping.

Also i think there will be a property can page load in the Datascrapping, which you can set as Complete. So execution will wait for the lading to complete.

Kindly show us the selectors ?

<html app='chrome.exe' title=' : Iphone' />

@Ambika_Singh1 Can you try to inspect again and modify the selector of the Data scrapping.

Indicate again on the table and select the new selector.

Did that but nothing happened.

Hi @Ambika_Singh1,

Skip the DataScraping fetch feature and promote it using selectors for all columns.


@Ambika_Singh1 can you move the Attach Browser activity inside to open browser.

Else share the workflow here


Try to reinstall the extension and try again. If not able to scrape the data

Follow the below steps:

Have you tried with the table extraction from Modern Activities?

If not turn on the Modern Activities and scrape the data.

Follow the steps to turn on the modern design experience:

You can turn on Modern design experience in two ways

  1. Project level

1.1 Navigate to project settings ->General->Modern design experience

  1. Studio level

2.2 Navigate to settings->Design ->Turn on Modern design experience

If you wants to see the classic activities in modern kindly follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to activities panel->Filter symbol ->Check show classic

That’s it


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DataExtraction.xaml (13.4 KB)

I tried running my program in debugging mode. Still it could not fetch the extracted data into the excel sheet. Also, I added delay between the activities.

Thankyou it worked!!

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