Ui Element is No Longer Valid Screen Scraping

Hi, All.

I hope you’re well.
I am in trouble with screen scraping to read PDF.

I have 3 different invoices and need to use screen scraping to get indicated texts.
Here are the steps that I took:

  1. Created For Loop
  2. Start Process Activity
  3. Attach Window → I unchecked the “title” in selector. Attached PDF invoice.

When I use screen scraping tool, sometimes it works but, sometimes it doesn’t work. (PDF folder shuts down and says "ui element is no longer valid)

I do not have any idea what condition this error is relative to.

Please help me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Maybe it adds a delay to make sure the file is opened in time.


I do not encounter with this problem when running.

While I indicate the text it turns error directly. (I indicate the text, waiting to screen scraping window, PDF shuts down and screen scraping window shows empty. When I cancel at the end it turns error says “iu element is no longer valid”.

Have you tried other scraping methods?

I tried 3 of the scraping methods.
Due to PDF shuts down, scraping tool doesn’t work as I understand.

When I click to indicate a text; PDF shuts down suddenly and Screen Scraping wizard couldn’t find anything to read.

I restarted my computer. Didn’t work.
I am not running my automation. I encounter with this problem when I develop.