Issue occurred when using the Get OCR Text activity in the screen scraping method for an Unattended Process

Hello Everyone,

I have used ‘Screen Scraping’ method to extract the data from a PDF and it is working as an Attended process, However when I ran that screen scraping process as an Unattended process then I got an error message of “Timeout Reached”

This issue occurred when using the ‘Get OCR Text’ activity in the screen scraping method for an unattended process.

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is the element is not detected while screenscrapping?

Did u check the selector ?


Check below for your reference

Screen Scraping with OCR will not work in background execution

For the PDF to enable the elements you can check below

Hope this may help you



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As mentioned that we are trying to extract data from pdf we can try using PDF activity instead of screen scrapping

Like use either READ PDF or READ PDF OCR

This will help you read data from pdf in background

Here you go on how to use it

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Rajat_Lal