UI Element identified and saved is lost/not available when workfile is accessed after a while


I created a simple flow of recognizing a webelement and performing some basic actions. I saved the workfile and accessed it after some days. But the workfile doesnt have the webelement/image stored and says image not available.

Please assist how to not lose the captured element.


hi @anon24920977,

The element selector is never lost. Only the informative screenshot is lost. Your Project Folder has a Folder for screenshot , Uipath refer to that folder to store the screenshot. If that Folder is cleared - this screenshots are lost.

Anyways, Not having these screenshots will not break the automation as automation works on selectors and not on Screenshots. So nothaving the Screenshots in the automation is not an Issue :slight_smile:

You can always click of Three Lines and take Screenshot again .


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Thank you for the response Mukesh. Let me check the screenshots folder.

Are these screenshots lost if we move the project folder between devices/paths?

Yeah I can click and update it, just curious what would happen if the flow is lengthy and involves a lot of such steps.

Anyways, will try running this file and check screenshots too. Thanks again :slight_smile: