Click generic error; Can't interact with an application

I’m trying to create a simple automation for a game i’m playing, but nothing I tried to interact with the application seems to work. I tried both “Click” and “CV Click” using most options such as Hardware Events, Simulate, Alter Disabled Element, Wait for page load etc etc… Absolutely nothing worked as I keep getting “Click generic error” message.
Just to make sure it’s not my configuration that’s the issue, I also tried the “Keyboard Shortcuts” activity, and I was met with a similar error that says “Synthesizing keys error”.
What can I do about this? The “Use application” activity seems to work fine as the game window is opened as soon as the automation runs, but then it doesn’t seem like UiPath can interact with the game at all even thought I ran it as administrator.
Help would be really appreciated. Here’s the error I get: