Typing the corret format with "Write Cell Activity"

Hello Forum,

Today I’m woking on typing values to on a accounting sheet, which values comes from a invoice. I’m using Write cells activities since i like that the excel file doesn’t have to be open for the activity to work.
My issue is that when the values are type to the sheet it doesn’t adopt the correct format of the corresponding cell, It always types it as a simple text on the cell, even though it matches to the text that matches the criteria of the format.For example As you an see in the image:

1- DATE and CURRENCY: When i type manually on the sheet the value “30/06/2022” it converts it instantly in “30-jun” , but when the robot does it it stays exactly as it is, it doesn’t recognize the format. Same with the “50” which should be instantly “$50,00”.

Registro general

I thought that it might be a function that mantains the correct format. I found this two. Both don’t know how to apply it and if it really solves this issue.

Let me know what you think.
Thank you very much.

Hello @Luis_Fernando

If you are using a static excel template, can you predefine the format in the excel based on each column format.

Else you can try with format excel activity as well.

Hi @Luis_Fernando

→ For Date variables you can use like this to format in the way you wanted- DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd-MMM”) or you can convert your string to this format.

→ And for formatting into currency you can use a activity called Format Value in which you can configure as below:


Hope this helps.