Date format extracted from a excel cell - preserve format

Hi all,

Please help me with an annoying topic for me.

A have an excel file with rows that contain a date value. This date is formated by me in excel dd.MM.yyyy. I use a for each row activity and a type into method.

I need to paste that value from excel to a website that needs this format dd.MM.yyyy but its typing dd/MM/yyyy.

I tried to put the value in a variable and format it with “.” separators but it tells me that the date format is wrong.

Please help me.

Can you try Read Range to Data Table, then type into in For Each Row Data Table, CurrentRow.Item(“Date”).ToString



First use a log message and check the date format and use accordingly


Hi @paul.baltag, try using this:
DateTime.ParseExact(YOUR STRING DATE,“STRING DATE FORMAT”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“DESIRED DATE FORMAT”)

It seems that it’s not working.
Now I am trying to copy in another column the value as a text (formula “=text(cell address,“dd.MM.yyyy”)”. that keeps the format in original format but I receive this. Some advices?

Hi @paul.baltag ,

Could you let us know what is the Exact error message that you are receiving ?

Also, Do Check by Debugging, what are the formats of different date values in the datatable.

Let us know what are your findings.

As for the next error, Could you Show us a Screenshot of what you have used in the Write Cell Activity ?

If you were able to solve the issue, Do Post the solution or Mark the Appropriate post as solution so as to close the Topic which would in turn be helpful for others.