Problem with "Write Cell"


I have a problem with “Write Cell” activity.

Actuay, I have a cell in Excel which is in the Date format and I would like to update it.

When I use “Write Cell” activity, it writes the correct input as “25.10.2019” into the cell.

However, there is a difference between the results as the following:

“Write Cell” activity provides the result as the following:

When I go into the cell with F2 and then press “Enter”, I could get the result that I want as the following:


I could select the cell, and send hot keys F2 and enter as an option. But isn’t it possible to do it only with write cell? What is the reason of the occurance of first result?




Try to use Excel.Extensions Package and the format that cell after write cell activity.

I have downloaded it. Should I use the “write Cell” activity under this package?

or is this extension package the only option?

i guess you can format the cell …with following short cut …

Actually the problem is, although the excel cell is already formatted as “Short Date”, after the update of the cell value, it is not seen as in the proper format.

However, I found out a solution:

My input was “DateofToday” as a variable in DateTime format. In my first attempt, I tried to update the cell as the following:
However, now I changed it as the following:

I guess the second has resulted the cell format automatically.

Thanks @allurai_india and @sarathi125 for your responses again.



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