Typing Values to an Excel File

Hello Forum. I’m working on a invoice automation and I use Write Cell Activities to fill in the values of the invoice. When a reach yo the part o typing the prices the original invoice template (First image) has the cells as $ format. But when the process finishes i noticed that the format doesn’t keep after the write cell types the value prices (Second Image) As you can see in the first row of the items invoice. I want it to mantain the monetary format after writing the values.
Hope i can get and advice.
Thank you Very Much.

Can you share/upload the excel template?

You can fill in the number and then format the range using action Format Cells. It is noted that Modern mode is required to use Format Cells.


Hi, Here it is.
Factura untoldtz.xlsx (30.0 KB)

How can I Indicate the range? Since it needs a specified DataType