Typing problem in to TypeInto Activity

please tell…

how can i type into text area in justdial website to search place…
actually i am using TypeInto activity but its not working here

i m trying to type in this area

please suggest me.

1.> Use Internet Explorer and access this web site.

2.> Use Type into activity and check the Selector Property and figure out the properties which are changing every now then, and replace it with Star* Sign.

3.> Or just click on Attach to live element and take the cursor to that text field where you want to search.

IF problem persists share work flow file.

ok thanks dude

There are two condition
when i am hiving value into typeInto activity as “Hyderabad” then its writing
but i want to pass this value using variable becouse i want to iterate this process for another please also how it s possible please suggest
I am giving my workflow below…

JustDail.xaml (8.3 KB)

I have created this for Google Chrome browser. please make sure you have right plugin.

I am agree with your trick but ahead i want to search for pune then how its possible with
whis this process i have to change the value from uiPath

There are several ways you can handle this. i have created City as a variable and SearchKey as another variable.
Now you can keep all cities in a note pad and read those values line by line for each iteration and pass them into these variables.
in other ways, create an excel with city name and search key. read row by row and do string manipulations and pass those values and continue search.

Thanks dude

Hello There,

Please use below file which enters city in location field.
please keep opened justdial site.
City.xlsx (9.4 KB)
Main.xaml (9.9 KB)

Please let us know :slight_smile: