Type into Activity: Not typing Full Name
For Example:

Its typing PRITHAM RAKASH Instead of typing PRITHAM PRAKASH .

Even I have used DelayBetweenKeys Property .

So i am getting error .

How to resolve this??


Could you copy us the type into flow you are using? it’s difficult to resolve without it.


Datatable_workflow.xaml (166.2 KB)


It’s working.
FullName.xaml (7.2 KB)

May i know whats the source of input and the target element.


source of input is string getting from a datatable
Target element is textfield in webpage


Can check the follow:

  • Make sure value from data table in the right format.(PRITHAM PRAKASH)
  • Try to enter value into browser text field manually or with simple hard coded assign value.


ya i have checked manually its working fine


Can we have url?


its BMC remedy url and it will ask credentials


oh. :frowning: then no ways …
Try to check sendwindows key/simulateclick / just play with typeinto property


Thank You Dilip